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Forest Finns' Letters to Gottlund

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Gottlundille saapuneen kirjeen kirjekuori, jossa teksti 'Magister Höglärde Herr C: A: Gottlund Stockholm

The Finnish Literature Society (SKS) is publishing letters that the Forest Finns living in Sweden and Norway sent to Carl Axel Gottlund (1796–1875), a lecturer in the Finnish language, writer and Finnish national awakener. The collection includes nearly 250 letters written between the 1820s and the 1870s. The majority of them were written in Finnish, but some were written in Swedish or Norwegian. The letters form a unique collection from the perspective of many scientific disciplines. The material that is published includes the facsimiles of the letters and the transcriptions of the Finnish litters. The material is freely available, and it can be edited in XML format.

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